What are you earning for?

I've had several things in mind during my lengthy time on CashCrate.

Sometimes I earn for life's necessities (usually car repairs :()... a family member or friend's birthday present ... or something else. But no matter what, I've found it's easier to reach my goal if I attach something specific to it. And, when your goals are kept realistic -- thereby allowing you to hit them -- you'll keep coming back for that warm and fuzzy feeling. :)

If you're new to the site, try starting out small. Over time, you'll probably be able to graduate to something bigger.

So ... what have you spent your CashCrate earnings on? Or what do you hope to spend them on in the future?


Was Eheavy now Elite lol
Because I have reached "Elite" status, (p.s. it rarely, very rarely happens over night,one referral at at time) and I get paid through Paypal. I use my Cashcrate money to pay for my other online busine$$ stuff like domain hosting, ads and a few other "passive income expenses"... BUT sometime I do treat myself to a eBay purchase lol

Great thread, @kevdog4429


Nickel Crater
Well you can get gift card by posting your payments in the payment wall . Also many surveys give additional gift cards for completing surveys , taking part in focus group etc and every year Cash Crate has holiday Contest in which you can win various gifts and giftcards. :)
Very cool! i didn't know that about posting my checks! i wish would have been doing that :)

i do focus groups and whatnot but i always opt for cash credited to my account here or in the form of PayPal :) But i'm gonna try the other suggestions i've gotten here to try and get some gift cards! Thanks guys! ;)