Referral Program

If you're new to Referrals, start by watching: Video Tutorial: Referral Program

See all the details here: Referral Levels Explained

Tips for Getting Your Own Referrals

Tools to Help You get Referrals! We Make it Easy!

How the Referral Program works:

You can find your referral link here:

On this page, you'll see:

Share your unique referral link with others. When they sign-up for CashCrate, you get credit for the referral.

where ####### would be your unique CashCrate Member ID.

This is the link you would give to people if you want them to join as your referral.

See all the details: Referral Levels Explained
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The Referrals Page

The Referrals Page contains tools to help you refer. You can also view your referral stats.

Referral URL

This is the link you would give to people if you want them to join as your referral.

Click the "Copy to Clipboard" button to copy your referral link. Then paste your referral link somewhere else.

Invite Friends

The Invite feature allows you to import your contacts and refer your friends through email. If your e-mail provider is not compatible with the Invite feature, just e-mail your referral link directly to your friends.

See more details about inviting others here: Make More Money! Invite Your Friends & Family and Earn!

Blog It

Find places to create your own free CashCrate blog or website. Doing this can help you get referrals.

Also, be sure to read this: How to Create Your Own Site or Blog

If you're not sure what to write about, check out this form thread: What should I write about when I create a website or blog to get referrals?

Referral Level

On the right side of the Referrals Page, you'll see your Referral Level. You'll also see referral numbers as well as your earnings, etc.

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The Referrals Page (continued)

CashCrate Pro

CashCrate Pro becomes available when you reach the Silver Level (25 Active Referrals or $100+ in earnings). You can run detailed reports about your referrals, view graphs and charts, create customized referral links, and use different landing pages.

Promote Yourself

Click the "Promote Yourself" button to display tips and referral banners.

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The Promotion Center Page

The Promotion Center Page contains:

-Referral Tips

-Earnings Banners

-Regular Banners

Generally, for blogs and websites, you'll want to use the HTML code.

For forums, many forums including ours, require BB code.
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