Problem with Your Surveys

Anyone else keep getting a "server error" when completing a survey? It looks like it tries to redirect to Your Surveys to give me credit and then I get this error and nothing credits. It happened yesterday with a $1.60 survey and just now with a $1.28 survey. Very frustrating. I left the webpage up and was just now able to get the $1.28 survey to direct back and hopefully get credit.
Yes, the $1.28 went through after I kept refreshing for several minutes. The one yesterday for $1.60 I spent 5 minutes refreshing and kept getting that screen. I eventually had to leave so I didn't get a chance to keep trying.

Beth M

Dollar Crater

I'm getting a message on YourSurveys today I've never seen before. It shows up each time during rerouting between surveys. I can open up getting to a survey OK but then when I'm disqualified instead of taking me to another survey to try, this message comes up instead:

Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 8.03.25 AM.png

My router and computer is set up just the same as it always was. I'm using Chrome. Perhaps it's just temporary.
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I tested the TapResearch page again (started surveys, etc.) and everything loaded correctly. Can you provide more details on the current issue you are seeing, including any messages/errors? If you try another browser, does that help?