Problem With Payment Date Changed


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Dana, Are you guys still processing payments? My payment says I will be paid in December but I should get paid this month in November. Also my bonus for "checking in" every day in October has not been added and my $10 bonus for being 11th place in contests last month (October) has not been added to my earnings for last month (October). My guess is payments are still being processed for October. I changed my payment from check to direct deposit 30 minutes before midnight hope that is enough time.
Can someone tell me why my payment date changed this morning from being sent in November to now being sent on December? I use this money to help pay my bills, and for my kids school
Processing is taking a bit longer than usual tonight. There are some things we run before processing payments, bonuses need to be added in like check in bonuses, contest winnings need to be added in, etc. And then the payment program we run needs to look at 4 million plus accounts.

If you earned $20 or more in October (and didn't manually set a higher minimum payout), you will be getting a check in November.

So no worries. :)


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Oh okay Dana thank you. Wow 4 million plus accounts didn't know you guys had that many members. I can see why it takes a while.
I think I am starting to understand this. After the payments are processed, will my earnings number reset back to 0$? Also, while everything is processing, the surveys and earnings I do right now, will they count for Oct or Nov? Just curious.
Payments still haven't processed yet, so if you were to have an approval come in right now, it would go on October's check. Payments should be processed before too much longer.

My payout is set to $48 minimum and I have a little over that waiting on payment. Should I receive my payment in November?


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Payment Not Processed

I am still showing my total from November this morning and it says below my payment will be sent in December.
Same Here.

I am still showing my October earnings that are supposed to be sent in November, but it says it will be sent in December :confused:
Me too:eek:! Why:confused:

Yesterday account said your check will be mailed in November, this morning it says your check will be mailed in December. hmmm:eek:
mine said the same as a few others one night i would recieve it in november then the next day it said december. now it has said processing since the first of the month. im just wondering when it might be sent out. this is my first cashout so im not sure on how this site works. if it has certain days or what.
October Checks for Bronze Members are sent to be printed and then mailed right around November 15th. Most USA Bronze members receive their checks around the 22nd to the 27th or so.

Congrats on earning your first check. :banana: