I noticed it says the email on your account is the email they use for PayPal. Is there any way to change this? I use a different email for my paypal
Writing to support is always a good idea when you have payment questions, but I am going to jump into this one.

I checked your payment settings ( ), and your payment method is set to check so a check has been issued. If you'd like to change the email address on your account and use Paypal for future payments, please send me a PM (private message) on the forum with the email address you'd like to use. I can make that change on your account for you.
I am seeing you had a recent PayPal payment:

232608 Processing paypal $36.66

PayPal payments are typically sent on the 1st of each month or very close to it, using the email address on your CashCrate account. It can take some time for the word "processing" to change to a date on our end though. Please check your PayPal account for that payment.


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My paypal hasnt changed like i said my cashcrate email and my paypal email are totally different but i do see that there isnt a process anymore on side of my payment
PayPal payments are sent using the email address on your CashCrate account. If you'd like, we can change the email address on your account for future payments. If you'd like to do this, just send me a PM (private message) on the forum.

You also have the option of adding email addresses to your PayPal account ( )

Add the email address we sent the payment to and it should show up for you in PayPal.

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I'm just reading this thread, trying to sort something out...

The email address I use for CashCrate is down on file on my husband's PayPal account - his email is the primary address on PayPal, my CashCrate one is secondary. I just added it now after reading the post above and I confirmed it, it's showing on the PayPal dashboard. I've not yet sent or received money using this secondary address, my husband's primary PayPal address gets lots of transactions.

Could I switch over to getting PayPal payments now and if so how do I do it? I am marked as 'Elite' now, not sure if that makes a difference. And how frequently are the payments made? Or do I choose when I want to send my earnings to PayPal? I have cashed 4 checks since joining in March 2018.

Apologies if this is in FAQs somewhere, I did read and try to figure it myself but couldn't quite be certain of what I'm doing (lot of stress and fatigue going on right now).

Thanks! :geek:

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Sorry!! I just spent more time reading old threads here, I think I got it now. So my CashCrate email address is confirmed on my hubby's PayPal, I just went into my CashCrate dashboard and changed my payment to PayPal set to monthly. I see it should go automatically on the 1st of the month.

Correct? Fingers crossed it works OK! If it doesn't I guess I'll be back here! :geek:
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That is correct. PayPal payments are sent to the email address on your CashCrate account. PayPal also gives users the option to add additional email addresses to an account on their end.

PayPal payments generally go out late on the 1st or very close to it. If it's a weekend day or a holiday, payments may go out the next business day though.

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If you were to make $100 in 1 week, does the payment automatically go through weekly on PayPal or only if your CashCrate dashboard is set to weekly?

I can make $100 in 1 week, I'm almost there now, but I'd rather get paid in one big chunk monthly.

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