Payment Wall Guidelines

How received payment without Dwolla or check?

Hi! Im living out to USA, how can I receive my money? I dont have SSN and I can't register me in Dwolla. I am beggining here and I don't have 500 refered. Thanks for your answers
My payment check was sent on 15th march.
Still not arrived. Is it normal?! :confused:
It's my first payment.
I'm from Brazil.
International mail can take up to a few weeks to arrive. If the check doesn't show up by the beginning of next week, please submit a support request at the bottom of this page:

Support handles all payment issues and would be glad to assist you.


Half Buck Crater
Hello, I posted three payment pictures of proof to the payment wall submit forms. It has been over a week and the three payment pictures are still pending. Normally they are approved quickly. See attachment below. Please look into this matter, thank you!