Official Cash Crate Suggestion Thread

Not sure if this has been suggested yet (far too many pages for me to read through lol).

Could we please have a way to see what date (and maybe even time) a new referral joins? I would really like to know when each referral joined, since all I have is a long list of random numbers. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, and I like to see when exactly things change.

I just got a new active referral today, so I'm pretty excited! :D
I have a suggestion to make Daily Surveys easier:

As you are aware, you can only complete one Daily Survey every 24 hours. If we could get the exact time of when we completed a Daily Survey, it would help us keep track of when we completed the survey. This way we wouldn't accidentally try to complete another Daily Survey before the 24 hours interval and not get credit or waste time.
New Category for offers.

I would personally like to see a new category for the Offers that can be done over and over again. Here is a picture that shows an example of what could be done. Maybe even call it "Continuous Offers" or something.
Payment Debit Card/reward points

This might sound confusing to some, but I thought it would make a great idea as a payment option to have payments loaded onto a CashCrate debit card.

In conjunction with this "debit card" when a member shops through CashCrate at a participating retailer we could earn points. Unlike shopping online through CashCrate's retailers where we receive for example 5% cash back, when we shop physically at a participating retailer we could perhaps get rewarded with points through percentage of what we spend?

we already have:
Shop online through CashCrate and get cashback on every purchase you make! Browse our list of online retailers to get started.
How about:
Stop and Shop at a participating CashCrate retailer store and earn reward points for the things you love
So in conclusion:

You choose a CashCrate debit card as a payment option, the money gets loaded onto your card, if you decide to use your debit card at a CashCrate participating retail store you get reward points. The same points we get online when we complete point offers and such.

what you all think?
That sounds good in theory jehobith, but I think to be able to do something like that, CashCrate would have to make deals with said stores to be able to call them "participating CashCrate retailers". I'm not sure that's something they could even do.

I do think the Visa would be a good option for some people though. :) I'm just not so sure about the rewards point system, as they're not a bank or whatever - it's a lot more complicated to do than it sounds.
Any Facebook?

Not sure if someone else has suggested you think Cashcrate should also has a Facebook Fans Page? So we that can share this great community around our friends on FB:D
fantastic concept making a thread for this, I had a suggestion and hadn't figured out what to do with it yet.

It would be really amazing to have a "view referrals" link from the "referral info" page instead of having to go to the message center and click on new post to get to it.
You should bring search back where you don't have to use offers to get it. Cut it in half if you have to but just bring it back. It didn't bring in much but it was better than nothing.
We were going to have to get rid of paid search entirely. When a search is performed, we pay the member and we also pay a small amount to the provider. With 5 million plus members, that adds up to a lot of searches. I fought to keep it and we did have to find a way to monetize it because it's such a popular feature.

On a good note, there are so many other ways to make money on CashCrate too. :)
Closed survey notice at BEGINNING of survey

I just went through 10 minutes of survey-taking on CashCrate's website (not one of the affiliates) only to receive a message at the end that said that the survey was already closed.

Having this important information at the BEGINNING would make more sense than having a person waste time on filling it out. Talk about frustrating!
I am very sorry this happened to you. Sometimes it's possible for a survey to reach quota for a certain demographic as you are taking it. There may be a few openings for completion left when you start the survey, but others in your same demographic group finish the survey before you do. I agree this can be frustrating. The survey may also be closed to some demographic groups but open to others, and this is determined by answering a number of questions as well.