No offers

About offers and surveys!

I'm from philippines, I have 3 available offers on my dashboard but when I try to take it, it say "this surveys is not avaible on your country,

Now, how can I earn money? I thought I can earn at least 1$ in a day,

Reffering friends is really difficult,

I wish my country can do surveys and offers,
I try but no surveys available,

I try to take it but no current surveys,

In referral program I need to find friends that is from US right? Cause outside US can't take surveys, its really difficult,

I wish my country can do offers and surveys.
Assistance please

hey. i just joined cashcrate, but i am not from the united states. i am from a Caribbean island.
Does that mean that there would never be any surveys available to me?
Hello, I'm new here as well and I just wanted to ask that I am not getting any surveys or offers since the day I registered, what can be the possible problem here?