Money earned expire?


Half Buck Crater
Does your money that you earned on here ever expire? For example you have made $15.25 last month and you only have to make another $4.75 to get your check and the month is over. Does the $15.25 carry over to the next month? And you have gone overseas and havent been back on Cashcrate for a month. Will the money still be there on my account on Cashcrate when I get back?
no, your money does not expire. if you did not make the payout for a certain month (or a few months) the amount will remain the same until you complete more offers.
Welcome to the Forum, looks like you got some great advice already. The money you earn here never expires, it will always carry over if you don't reach payout.


Half Buck Crater

lol, when i first started using this, it took me a whole year to make $20(1 dollar a month?).. But I made $40 this month!