How do people make so much money ??


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I have been on this site since feb 2018 and I have only made 9.00 I try alot of the survey. offers and I never get paid for them.. I can't buy things and I can't download thing and I do apps I see alot of the free by the time you get to the end you have to buy stuff .. so tell me how can it be free if you have to pay for things? you go through about 5 minutes of pages clicking on stuff and signing up for stuff then at the end you have to do 3 gold 4 platum and 4 sliver and everything you have to buy something. I don't work I have to quit work to take care of my husband so I thought I could do survey to make a little money . I don't expect them to take place a 40 bour work week but I'd like to make a few buck to be able to help with bill , so I would like to know how do you all make so much money do you buy stuff to get the large checks I see on the payment wall? I'd like a little help all I get out of all this is a bunch of crap in my email .. I would like some suggestion.. could any body tell me how to make some money off this site ?? thanks I hope this don't get deleted I would really like some help thanks
A lot of our bigger earners complete surveys consistently. It may take some attempts before you find a survey you are qualified for. If you qualify for even just one survey every day and complete it, that should get you to payout or very close to it each month.

As for the offers, we do have many offers which are free to complete. Ones that ask you to say Yes to at least 2 things for example: Be on the lookout for free things along the way like requesting information, signing up for a newsletter or a different site, etc. For the gold, platinum, etc. offers at the end, we do not require members to complete them. They just need to look at them.

We also have a lot of tips in the FAQ section of the forum that's helped people earn more too.
I have looked at them and answered yes to question and got a bunch of news letter and reading for horascope and other stuff that fills my email on a daily bases and still don't get credited for them.. i guess im not one of those lucky people cause im on hear daily for at least 2 hours and still nothing
I consistently do surveys every day in my free time.I average about a $100 payout every month.It pays my cell phone bill.My question is this contest page.I seen the leader has over $400 in surveys in only 14 days.How many hours is dedicated to get to that point.Kudos to whoever it is.
Just another question.The person leading the contest now is up to $700.Lets say they make this every month in surveys and whatever. Do they have to file that on their taxes.I have never filed my earnings here on my taxes but I don't make much doing this either as my time to contribute to it is limited.I probably should have asked this before now.
Im still just baffled as to how you can make $700 per month without referrals just on surveys.I get disqualified for way too many to even come close to that.This person needs to do a post with her tips.