Few questions about cashcrate closing


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First I'm shocked and stunned to hear the news that cashcrate will be closing on April 1st. Kind of an unusual day to officially end your operations on April 1st.

I first thing cashcrate is making a very bad decision and deciding to close, well I am pretty satisfied with cashcrate even though they have sometimes irritated me I am still sad to hear that you will be closing.

What happens to those members who doesn't meet the minimum threshold of $20 in order to cash out, will you be telling those people they will just forfeit what they earned or will they be able to collect their earnings if you check or PayPal?

Why are you giving everyone a $20 or $15 bonus to sign up with Swagbucks question mark why not just everyone here $20 or $15?

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1. Nothing lasts forever.

2. How is it a bad decision when it's been explained that the industry changed, competition increased and consequently the program became less and less viable. I dare say if CashCrate could have successfully stayed open for years to come, it would have.

3. That was explained too. There are about 6 or 7 weeks still left to reach it. I honestly have no idea how anyone can say they can't reach $20 in this time. With focus I do $20 a day here doing surveys alone.

4. To incentivize/encourage people to go to the newly partnered site.

Let's say if from today until 31st March all you did on CashCrate was the YourSurveys twice daily survey, those are 0.65 each. $1.30 per day or $9.11 per week. $9.11 times 6 weeks is about $54. Those twice daily ones are usually easy and fairly short, I don't think there's ever been a day when I've not been able to do both.
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