Exercise is good for you, usually Captions Contest

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1st Place

otomedori12 Post 15 when you are riding your bike and you realize that you haven't done any surveys today

marcy_darcy_19 Post 107 Another one bikes the dust

2nd Place minski Post 21 "Today's after school special: When boy meets world. Literally."

3rd Place 7686475 Post 96 CONCRETE evidence that exercise is tough!

4th Place superclaus13 Post 17 You can almost hear his friend just out of the picture asking if he wants his beer back

5th Place 7706318 Post62 It wasn't my fault, the concrete just jumped out in front of me.

6th Place TALLICL Post 42 That's what happens when you forget to eat your Wheaties!!!!!

7th Place Qgirl Post 37 "I got to stop getting my bikes from the thrift stores."

8th Place CatsHaveLips1 Post 48 Exercise is over rated. Be safe. Eat a cheese burger!

9th Place 7540752 Post 28 When life throws you a few bumps in the road…

10th Place

drew7 Post 81 Break ups are always hard.

YoungCrater Post 64 Middle name: Chuck
First name: Ground

kevdog4429 Post 114 "Somebody won't be making tonight's CashCrate Live contest..."

Superspootman Post 95 Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up