Daily check-in bonus


Nickel Crater
With this being the last month of active earning on Cash Crate, does anyone know if the 50¢ bonus for doing the daily check-in for the entire month will be credited and included in the earnings on April 1st? I'm just wondering if it were to come down to it and I have $19.65 on the 31st, but hit the daily check in each day - will I get my final cashout?

Beth M

Dollar Crater
Why wouldn't it - that's how it always works. That's my guess.

But you could earn that very easily for being disqualified on Tap Research surveys. They pay 1 cent for not qualifying. You could do - for example - 10 cents a day that way for 5 days if you're on $19.65. Then you don't even need to worry about the check-in thing.

I reached $20 as quickly as I could at the beginning of this month so I could just forget about it and know I'll get that last payment.
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