Balancing your time between surveys and referral work - what do you find works best?

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After 6 months of doing surveys and playing CashCrate games, it's time for me to get down to work on my referrals. I've been using my evenings to read up here about how best to get referrals and that's after spending all day on surveys. Once I set my mind to something, I'm very, very dedicated!

Setting up and writing blogs and joining forums is going to take time, which is time away from doing surveys. If I really want to make a go of referrals, do you think I should take a leap and put my time mostly into that, at least for a little while, rather than surveys, even if it means my earnings go down for a short while? Perhaps I should split my day in half; do surveys in the mornings and blog/forum work in the afternoon?

An effective workflow is what I'm trying to establish. From people that have done it and know what works.
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In my experience, I think it can vary a bit from person to person. Things like how much traffic your sites/blogs get, how many people see referral posts you make in other places, etc. could have some affect. It may take a bit of fine tuning to establish the most effective workflow for you. The referral program is a great way to make money though, and some of our bigger earners complete surveys themselves and also refer others.

Good luck and I hope you do get a bunch of referrals. :)

Beth M

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Thank you! :)

I'm just researching/learning how to drive traffic to blogs coming from Instagram. I have two Instagram accounts, one is to promote a little vintage shop I have on Etsy, another is documenting my life in the States since emigrating from England; i.e 'my new life on a new continent'. Neither of them are anything especially amazing (I don't even like social media but I'm good at it!) and for some reason people really like them.

The goal is to blend all these so the traffic feeds/loops in all directions - Etsy gets more, CashCrate gets more, etc. Also, I can use some of my CashCrate earnings to buy more stock for my Etsy shop.

It's going to take time but I have time, it's an interesting project to me. My husband and I are the kind of people that get things done and makes them happen, even if we have to work 12 hour days. Maybe I can show you my Etsy shop, Dana, when it's got more stock? I have some rather beautiful little things. :)

Beth M

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Thank you so much! :):):)

Now the plan is in place, all it takes is my time. It's just plugging away, little by little. First the good plan, then consistent time and focus.

I'll show you the links when it's all really looking good.


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Impressive "content", I really enjoyed reading your plans and how you have a "business plan" in the works!

Instagram! Do you have a FB account? Instagram and FB are a great combination!

How about a "Facebook page" ?

Have you check out "Instagram/FB" promotions (targeted ads, way less than "adwords"?)

Love how you "leverage" your social media/Efty accounts, that is basically my style using a "redirect" to my Cashcrate referral URL!

Keep up the great, productive work and wish you succe$$!

Wouldn't be surprised if you make "Elite" status with a year!