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    Payment Wall Guidelines

    Update the payments have been posted on the payment wall.
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    Payment Wall Guidelines

    Hello, I posted three payment pictures of proof to the payment wall submit forms. It has been over a week and the three payment pictures are still pending. Normally they are approved quickly. See attachment below. Please look into this matter, thank you!
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    Delete Privacy Policy at the bottom of the site??

    Thank you for the update Dana.
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    Delete Privacy Policy at the bottom of the site??

    Is this getting removed soon from bottom of cashcrate screen or is there anyway I can remove it? We have recently updated our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. By continuing to use CashCrate, you agree to those terms. We use cookies to understand your use of CashCrate and to tailor...
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    Pulley Survey's (.90 ones)

    Glad to see the Pulley Survey's are back to a $1.00 now. :)(y)
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    Pending/Disqualified Offers & Surveys

    Hello Dana, I got this email for Alcohol Beverage Diary and I am confused about how much money I will receive after completion of the diary. In the paragraph it says I will earn $5.00 and the other says $1.20. So which one is it $5.00 or $1.20? See attached file.
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    Payment Picture HELP

    Dana, I need you to delete my recent payment picture on the payment wall. I forgot to edit out some info on the address bar. Payment ID: 2736. Thank you. I will repost the edited payment picture after this one is deleted.
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    Problem With Payment Date Changed

    Dana, Are you guys still processing payments? My payment says I will be paid in December but I should get paid this month in November. Also my bonus for "checking in" every day in October has not been added and my $10 bonus for being 11th place in contests last month (October) has not been added...
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    Opinion Survey not working

    Dana, When I click on start on Opinion Survey it brings up a page "The webpage cannot be found". I can't complete a survey. :( Please check into this problem. Thank you.
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    Help!! Has my bank cashed my check?

    Dana could you check if my check has been cashed by my bank? The check was for $96.23. The reason I am asking this is because I have to mail my check to the bank to get deposited. Online bank. I hope it did not get lost in the mail. :( Let me know as soon as posible. Thank you.
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    Opinion Central redirects to SurveyHead

    Opinion Central redirects to SurveyHead when I click on it. Is this happening to other members as well? Has Opinion Central reached it's cap for the month again? :(
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    Mobile Xpressions offer directs to different page!

    I just clicked on the Mobile Xpressions Offer and it directs me to youpet dot com YouPet! A Global Pet Community. Please Advise!
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    Opinion Central opens SurveyHead

    When I click on the Opinion Central Survey it opens up to SurveyHead Survey. What is going on? Anyone else have this problem?
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    Money earned expire?

    Does your money that you earned on here ever expire? For example you have made $15.25 last month and you only have to make another $4.75 to get your check and the month is over. Does the $15.25 carry over to the next month? And you have gone overseas and havent been back on Cashcrate for a...