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    Payment Picture HELP

    Dana, I need you to delete my recent payment picture on the payment wall. I forgot to edit out some info on the address bar. Payment ID: 2736. Thank you. I will repost the edited payment picture after this one is deleted.
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    Problem With Payment Date Changed

    Dana, Are you guys still processing payments? My payment says I will be paid in December but I should get paid this month in November. Also my bonus for "checking in" every day in October has not been added and my $10 bonus for being 11th place in contests last month (October) has not been added...
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    Opinion Survey not working

    Dana, When I click on start on Opinion Survey it brings up a page "The webpage cannot be found". I can't complete a survey. :( Please check into this problem. Thank you.
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    Help!! Has my bank cashed my check?

    Dana could you check if my check has been cashed by my bank? The check was for $96.23. The reason I am asking this is because I have to mail my check to the bank to get deposited. Online bank. I hope it did not get lost in the mail. :( Let me know as soon as posible. Thank you.
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    Opinion Central redirects to SurveyHead

    Opinion Central redirects to SurveyHead when I click on it. Is this happening to other members as well? Has Opinion Central reached it's cap for the month again? :(
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    Mobile Xpressions offer directs to different page!

    I just clicked on the Mobile Xpressions Offer and it directs me to youpet dot com YouPet! A Global Pet Community. Please Advise!
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    Opinion Central opens SurveyHead

    When I click on the Opinion Central Survey it opens up to SurveyHead Survey. What is going on? Anyone else have this problem?
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    Money earned expire?

    Does your money that you earned on here ever expire? For example you have made $15.25 last month and you only have to make another $4.75 to get your check and the month is over. Does the $15.25 carry over to the next month? And you have gone overseas and havent been back on Cashcrate for a...