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    Few questions about cashcrate closing

    First I'm shocked and stunned to hear the news that cashcrate will be closing on April 1st. Kind of an unusual day to officially end your operations on April 1st. I first thing cashcrate is making a very bad decision and deciding to close, well I am pretty satisfied with cashcrate even though...
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    pulley surveys

    I noticed that, in November I was qualifying for about 70% of the surveys and the first week of December and then after that it seems like every survey that I tried to take I'm either not qualified or I am disqualified halfway through the survey and it seems like it is starting to spill over...
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    Not getting instructions on how to reset my password sent to my email

    I was able to successfully reset my password for the CashCrate forms however when I tried to reset my password for the main website your system says that you sent an email with instructions on how to reset my password however that email never arrives. I don't think my system is blocking...