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    I'm wondering if anyone has any stats on useful things about referrals. Some things I want to know are: 1) Amount of earnings per referral. 2) How long an active referral stays active before not using the site anymore on average. 3) Do US referrals earn the most? 4) What is the best target...
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    Experienced people help me

    So I have this goal to gather an army of referrals, but I would like some statistics. Like what % of referrals actually make you money. Things I'd like answered: 1) # of refferals/$ for a given day 2) % chance a referral will earn money 3) How long do these referrals keep making money Thank...
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    Just letting people know

    The 2013 CashCrate banner says "GET PAID FOR WHAT YOUR THINK". This is improper grammar. It should be you think, not your think.
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    Weekly Tourney Doesn't Work

    I tried to use my point to play in a weekly tourney game. It does not work. The tab at the top shows a loading symbol, but nothing happens not matter how long I wait. Help!!! P.S. Cool Banana ---> :banana: