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    This Month Payment

    Right. I wouldn't think so either for as good as they have been in the past. I just get nervous and don't want to waste a bunch of time doing something if I'm not going to get my final check. My payment is now showing processing as well.
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    This Month Payment

    Realllllllly nervous about doing surveys for the month of march and hoping that cash crate doesn't screw us over and not send our final earnings in april after they shut down. Also wondering why they haven't zeroed out and processed our Feb earnings yet...
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    Is there any way you can make the group closed or private? I want to join but don't want my...

    Is there any way you can make the group closed or private? I want to join but don't want my family, friends, and co workers see what I post. None of their business lol.
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    No invitation from Swagucks yet

    Right? Like I was probably doing an offer 5 years ago where you had to click "yes" to several offers and one of them was a quick swagbucks sign up. I know I've seen them for inbox dollars. I've never even personally visited the site and I'm probably out of luck for the $20 bonus.
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    Cashcrate closing

    I'm so sad. I've been doing surveys for 8+ year. I hope the new site is as user friendly and lucrative.
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    Problem with Your Surveys

    Yes, the $1.28 went through after I kept refreshing for several minutes. The one yesterday for $1.60 I spent 5 minutes refreshing and kept getting that screen. I eventually had to leave so I didn't get a chance to keep trying.
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    Problem with Your Surveys

    Anyone else keep getting a "server error" when completing a survey? It looks like it tries to redirect to Your Surveys to give me credit and then I get this error and nothing credits. It happened yesterday with a $1.60 survey and just now with a $1.28 survey. Very frustrating. I left the...
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    Exercise is good for you, usually Captions Contest

    Brake vs. Break. #GrammarMatters
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    Exercise is good for you, usually Captions Contest

    Another one bikes the dust
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    Tickets for Opinions

    I completed a survey and got this message: Thank you for completing our survey. You have been credited with $0.50 by Fusion Cash and you are now entered to win two tickets to a sporting event of your choice What is Fusion Cash? It used to say CashCrate...will I still get credit? Thanks!
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    SSI survey trouble

    anyone else having trouble accessing this today again? I click on start and it goes to a blank page and its there.
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    2 cents and opinion survey

    anyone else having trouble accessing them this morning?
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    Forbidden error on My thought counts

    anyone getting a "forbidden" page when trying to access MTC survey today?
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    SSI Survey gone...

    well, i noticed once the surveys page came back up that SSI is no longer an option for me...does anyone have it available, or is CashCrate no longer offering this daily survey? (not that its worked all month anyway...)?
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    question about taxes...

    I have a question...for the money I earned in December 2009, but received the check in January...does that money get reported on this year's tax, or would it have been for last year? Not sure how this works since you receive the money about a month after you actually accrue it. thanks!