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I know a couple of different sites to try. Unique rewards and quickrewards..check them out...Good luck
Dear Cash Crate, Please for the LOVE of Almighty God
do the right thing and process and send the check
that I earned for March in the amount of $38.81.
I'm very upset and hurt badly because you refuse
to do the right thing and send my check to me.
I will have no food for March,because I trusted you.
There is no reason to delay my check.
Roy J. Dell'
Password: $RJpauSINI7
The survey site I was talking about in the post is
Thanks, I'll check it out.
Be prepared to show a utility bill and a copy of your picture ID when you cash out.
keep in touch do you have a facebook acct so we can all keep track of each other and figure the best sites to go to next.

j'ai beaucoup essayé d'être mon meilleur,
mais un jour, je commence le jour où je me repose
how do I stop the grey screen with medical questions from popping up? It's very annoying.
CashCrate Dana
CashCrate Dana
You can answer the medical conditions question on this page ( Then the other questions which show in the bar at the top of the page should work correctly. There are just too many options for that one question, which is causing it to display incorrectly right now.
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Hi. Could you please put me through, i'm new and don't know the next thing to do to earn cash
If I send any link to someone to join, will he still be under my referral?
Yes, once he/she registers!
But I have sent a link to four people and they have registered but still I am not getting any offer and i don't know how I will earn.