Your Surveys Question


Quarter Crater
I started doing a survey under Your Surveys but I couldn't finish it. So I x'd out of it and opened a new tab to try to do another survey. Now when I click on Your Surveys it brings me to a page that says that once I share basic info they can match me up to surveys. Whenever I click on continue, the page doesn't go anywhere. What's going on??
I just tried a few Your Surveys and couldn't repeat the issue.

It could be they are temporarily out of surveys for you. Could you also try the following:

-Log out of CashCrate, delete all cookies and temporary Internet files, and then log back in. Sometimes this can solve issues.

-Can you try another browser and see if that helps.


Quarter Crater
I logged out of CashCrate, cleared cookies and restarted my laptop. It's still giving me the same message. When I click on Continue, the page doesn't advance.


Quarter Crater
I'm using Google Chrome. I just clicked on the Continue button and it brought me to a page that says Server Error: An Internal Server Error occurred. Do you know if this is a temporary error?
It could be an error with a particular survey and trying YourSurveys again a little later may be a good idea. I tried a few different YourSurveys a little while ago and could not repeat the issue.