Wish me luck for Storm Florence!

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There hasn't been a serious hurricane in the Carolinas for 30 years and as soon as I move out here, here one comes! :LOL: / :poop:

We were at Holden Beach a couple of weeks ago admiring the beautiful beach houses there. My husband and I were talking about how there seemed to be a lot of retired people there and how owning a beachfront house there is probably something these people have saved for and looked forward to for years. The storm is on course to hit right there at Category 4.

We live in Raleigh, so about 150 miles from the coast. My husband is a bit like Hank Hill in these kind of situations (i.e., ''you can never be too prepared''), so we have about 30 gallons of bottled water, many cans of non-perishables, a gas camping stove, flashlights and candles. We weren't able to get sandbags though, we drove around every Lowe's and Home Depot for hours yesterday and everywhere was sold out.

I was set this month to have a really good month on CashCrate too, I set myself a target of making $500 on surveys this month, but it looks like our electricity will go out for a week or longer.

I'm originally from England so I'm not used to all these dramatic weather conditions! And we just moved into a new apartment, I'm going to be crying into my canned soup if our floors and furniture get wrecked by floods.

Anyway, over and out, CashCrate friends, hopefully I'll be back! :cool: x
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Best of luck to you and your family and to everyone else in the path of the storm. I hope everyone stays safe. Hopefully utilities will not be out for that long and I hope the inland flooding is not too bad either. Keep us posted.

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Thank you. :)

Well, you know how TV news hypes everything up with hyperbole - according to Sky News this morning ''all the shelves in North Carolina are empty'' - straight-up not true! With the exception of sandbags which we couldn't find for love nor money, all our supermarkets are stocked as usual, looking like they always do!

I'm quite scared though, I'll admit. Still, if the power goes, I can always just read books by candlelight or do jigsaws. Sounds rather cozy. :)

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Well, all's well and normal here in Raleigh, North Carolina, thus far, I'm just sipping coffee and doing my surveys like any other day!

Yes, it's windy and rainy out, but it's no different to a winter's day. In fact, it's not even as bad as that because there are still blossoms on the trees!

I realized the way our apartment complex is laid out is a bit weird, it's hard to explain, from our lounge it looks like we're on the ground floor but there's another level underneath us, we're actually many meters off the ground so even if floods build in the next few days, we'll be OK.

I've got people in the UK, Spain and Italy messaging me to see if I'm OK. The thing is, the news makes it all sound so terribly dramatic it's like these friends don't believe me when I say I'm perfectly fine! You can feel them thinking ''You must be fibbing, you're just saying that to make us feel better!''. Strange times we live in - madness, I tell ye.
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Welcome back and glad to hear you are safe. My mom's cousin evacuated Wilmington, NC and still has not been able to get back home. I feel so badly for all who were affected by the hurricane and the flooding, and hope everyone stays safe.

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Thank you, Dana. :)

Wilmington - yes - my goodness, I feel bad for them too. I've got my fingers crossed the clean-up and everything going back to normal for all those folks happens sooner rather than later.
You're welcome and me too. Losing a home to flooding has to be so devastating. As for my mom's cousin's home, her house appears to be OK from what she was told. She just can get there.