Who's Your Host ?


Dollar Crater
I want to make a few websites pertaining to my weightloss journey, and with cashcrate. I've tried netfirms, namecheap, gigatux / rewindd, hostclearly, bluehost and 00webhost (complete nightmare).

Been thinking about FatCow but I want to know who everyone else uses. I'm looking for unlimited storage, domains, emails, subdomains and 99% uptime. I know it's nearly impossible, but a girl can dream. Right?
I have been using ucoz. Although they do offer many great features, they are forcing ads on my sites that I have to pay to turn ads off. This is a turn off. I been doing my homework and will be switching to Siteground or Bluehost.

You get what you pay for and going cheap = server crashes, data loss, poor support, ect.

I have other projects I am starting new which involves cashcrate and will be using Wordpress with the two hosts I already mentioned.

Go with a host which has a valuable respected reputation which is affordable & reliable. try Googling "reliable hosting"

If you google 1 dollar hosting stay away from those. Like I said you get what you pay for. A host that is reliable offering $3.95/month is the price of a coffee.

If you decide to go with a hosting company that is going to give you what you are looking for do some research and reviews about them first.
With so many review sites out there, you have to look at those reviews from an affiliate marketing standpoint. Are you getting an honest review?

I know some of this may seem pointless to such a simple vague question. But the question you are asking opens up a lot more questions that one should consider when looking for a host.

Go with a host that meets your needs, Most have money back guarantees.
My hosting service is igeekshost.com. It provides me amazing services at cheap price. Before that, I tried 000webhost service but it's worst ever hosting service. I never recommended 000webhost for any one.