What you need to know about Points!

I've seen a lot of people asking about questions about points, so I made this thread hoping to help out a bit. Having all of the information in one post might do the trick, so here's what I have. Feel free to add anything that you think might help :)


You can earn points completing point offers here:


You can also earn 20 points by posting a picture of your check/payment to the Payment Wall:



Once you have earned your points, you can spend them on prizes from the Prize Shop here:


Once you're in the prize shop just click on the prize you want. Then click the "Check Out" button. The points you used for your prize will be deducted and your prize order will be processed. Prizes ordered during the month will be shipped out between the 20th and 25th of the following month.

or you can use them to play in tournament games here:


If you choose to, you can use 2 points to play in a daily tournament or 1 point to play in a weekly tournament. If you place in the top five, you will be awarded a percentage of the prize pot as follows:

1st place gets 50% of the pooled points
2nd place gets 20% of the pooled points
3rd place gets 15% of the pooled points
4th place gets 10% of the pooled points
5th place gets 5% of the pooled points

The prize pot increases as each player enters the tournament. You can see more information about the tournaments by viewing this page: http://www.cashcrate.com/games/tournaments

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