What do you all look like ?????


You'll need to get the code.

I use a site called photobucket:


There are other sites where you can upload and store images and pics too.

It's pretty simple to create an account and upload pics. Free to join too. And they even give you the Image Code ([IMG] Code). You just copy that code.

Then you just come to a forum, do a paste, and you should have your image appear after you submit your thread or reply.

I save pics to my hard drive first and then just upload them to photobucket.
What do we all look like?

That can be a nefarious question because it could mean that someone is trying find a "hook-up". But I am of the trusting type and believe that seeing what a person looks like adds to the discussion being held. My problem now is I don't know where to post a pic so that one might see what I look like.