weekly payout question

I'm checking into it for you. I'm thinking this round of weekly payments will go out tomorrow as today was a federal/bank holiday. When payment dates fall on a weekend or holiday, they may go out the next business day.
It's possible for dates to switch in our system like that before payments are processed. If your weekly payment is not processed by later tonight/tomorrow, please let me know. Thanks.

Update: I continued checking into this and it looks like weekly payments will be going out Tuesday.
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From what I understand, one of our admins was supposed to reach out to you today to see if we could pay you via PayPal instead. Not sure if it's related to Dwolla discontinuing its service soon? I'm very sorry if you didn't receive that email and if you want to send me a message on the forum with your PayPal email address (if you have one), I'll work on getting that taken care of for you. Or we can pay you via another means as check or direct deposit. Please let me know.


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i didn't receive any emails from you guys. i dont have paypal under this email address. i use my husbands if you can send it that way that would be best. I'm not sure how to message you the info
I am sorry about that. With Dwolla winding down, it seems a number of recent wire transfers have taken longer to be processed and show up in our Dwolla account, and it has caused delays. I'll send you a message. If you look near the top of the forum, you'll see an Inbox Button where you can access the message I sent you.

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I saw Ankita say that the first weekly payout of the month is on the 8th, is there a particular time of day it goes through?

Like usually after midday, or is it just random/different times? For PayPal.

Just because I'm trying to get the weekly payout and am getting close, I just wondered if I have Thursday morning to work too.

Dana, I'm sorry for all these questions! I promise I will keep quiet soon!
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No problem about asking questions. :) That's what we're here for.

Payments are generally run later in the day, but if you're still working towards the $100 minimum for a weekly payment, I'd recommend getting there as soon as you can.

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Thank you.

I'm aiming to be at $100 by 6pm Wednesday. But it's nice to know there might be a little bit of extra time on Thursday morning, just in case I can't quite get there before then.

This'll be the first time I've reached the weekly payout if I can get there.

Thanks again. :)

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My dashboard says I will get paid on the 15th, but my account settings are pay weekly and I made over $100 so I thought I'd get paid on the 8th? Or maybe I got the wrong end of the stick somewhere.

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It's possible for that date to switch before the payments are processed. Weekly payouts will be processed before too much longer (later tonight or by the latest tomorrow).
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