Videos & More Encrave Knowledge

Is it the Knowledge category: Get familiar with these lessons?

I just tried one again and the videos played correctly.

What browser and version are you using?

If you try another browser, does that help?

Are you able to watch videos in other categories?


Dime Crater
For some reason, these two don't work for me$34008459$atTYTLXyFInseehKqfyP6Q&euid=559d3df24815bd18a204c8b1$34008451$tcdp9h.kMpex8nDgtna9xA&showTimerOverride=0&rock={%22fid%22%3A%2254cc27857591fd277a8b4567%22%2C%22puid%22%3A%226166222%22}&paper=oc9dln_eQH7WIRYyZWbnH28SmSR4WNqsBk-803osnDsotXQNAgbtix4T_P4iqf3_j-V5wudKQ9tvFMXLkqfSkKyZyw4TMquxjcbd6xY-BzJuPrKBCOZIjpEgimfNvLnlpifLKIMYR_EkRe0_tjD_GflbYiaXlHSzQq93mkJjP2VCY4C_hHVtNLmmGGZML-xGCv6tJ_d2t_13AxbP7vdVHVgpWWMzWzN9RLKOBdXLk47QQ6qgkxzKx55h9JJRAAHXHO9f4ypBh8GLO1hX6WMASgd5tNmoWsKnIchYy--FPY67dK54MCblYMKcPGGRQ_pY9ZGi_xFfg_w& that one goes to like the 3rd one and then says "loading"

and this one worked for me a few hours ago.. but nothing now$34008457$iKwf2Q0VY9aAVeHJQhqo.g&euid=559d3df24815bd18a204c8b1$34008451$tcdp9h.kMpex8nDgtna9xA&showTimerOverride=0&rock={%22fid%22%3A%2254cc27857591fd277a8b4567%22%2C%22puid%22%3A%226166222%22}&paper=sRi8FbaKIb78H9BLcnN7-G52ksYjloZkJu9ayPYrgqm92PukAgbtiaS83fsC7PoB59vXj2hhCNYfxi0TJZy75p9Wo34efOslBQZyyIXQJaMeirlYdqN9mHBmkgGERl_E2w15ipCXyVrvOHmeJaOyD-j7Mfrm0SdnYPH_y-RWhmhCyAqJPvkwmH02t7nLdsE-F0NHiSiWrBug6rroJUPX_ETNgZMo-pA-Mr6V1hzIX-QXuJHuhQm2II96QHSRA8oqS53dvWiYYNAuwgHtbeAc-RCjy7gnPWHCl2cRz6hDmfFpqOrM2Wp4-eQ9-RvAlw3VRTJxZYHEtWk&

no videos showed up.

sorry about the links.. i messed them up badly.
It could be a temporary issue on the provider's end or an issue with those particular items. If that's the case, hopefully they'll be fixed or removed soon. Loading issues can also be related to browsers sometimes as well. Trying a different browser and making sure popup blockers are turned off may help.


Penny Crater
I've had no luck whatsoever with the videos section even the two tutorial videos wouldn't open for me an i click the link tabs on the side nothing happens. If I hold it down an click open in new tab/window it just brings me to cash crate home page again. I'm on an LG tablet and it wouldnt work on my iphone either.

There could be some type of compatibility issue here? Do you have the option to try another browser on the tablet? Can you update plugins such as flash?

If you're unable to view the tutorial video then you will probably just need to install or update the Adobe Flash plugin for your browser (