The secret way to get traffic to your CashCrate Blog/Site and make money

Iam happy to share ways to get traffic

and ways to get more referrals to make you

loads of cash from Cashcrate

First get your own domain for your blog.

Add your blog to Blog and link directories (helps with back links)

Write articles about CashCrate and post

remember to put your link in the bio box

Post to forums, webmaster/make money are best

Use traffic exchanges free (lots of teens wanting money)

use your referral link site and blog in traffic exchanges

Submit your blog to search engines

use plenty of "key" words in your blog

If you have lots of websites make sure you put your blog link in them

Target teens who need money

Use answer type sites

Use digg stumble upon ect good for back links.

Ping your blog after updates

some forums allow your referral link which is great

Over time your traffic will build and you will get a good income

Hope the above helps

Paul :)

any other suggestions are welcome
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Started with CashCrate 4th feb 2009
Hello Im new to cash crate I have already created my own web site, but I don't know where to start on getting shared profits and who would be interested.