The Official "I got paid!" Thread

Thanks to LinkTetra for the suggestion. This will clear up some clutter in the board.

The purpose of this thread is obvious, post your payment proof here! :D

Please post about receiving your payment only. Other posts will be removed. Thanks.


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Amount: $36.40 USD

Thanks for the early payment Joe!

I tried to take a picture but ended up getting ****** off and broke my keyboard a bit..but thanks for the cash!

Been advertising a bit for the site too so hopefully some people will sign up for the site also.


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Amount: $18.65
and just to think, i did that in about 2 days!
thanks for the fast and ez payment Joe!

make that basically one day though lol
i requested it on march 12. I love joe :D. he added my payment that i recieved all that day. i sent request at $10. and i got $22. :wink:
Zahiti said:
Nothing really needed to be said to it. Paradigm just lost it completely on that guy. Be nice.
I second that. But I have to stop myself from flaming all these I havn't gotten paid messages about they havn't gotten paid and everyone else has. READ THE STICKIES YALL!!!