The Forum is Back Cash Captions Contest!!!

Like past captions contests, it was hard picking winners. Thank you for all the great entries!

The winners list is below:

1st Place minski Post 18
"Is this what they mean by a pub crawl?"

2nd Place superclaus13 Post 50
"It looks like the beam still needs some work Scotty"

3rd Place toomik Post23
I have to get home to take surveys on Cashcrate, but i'm coming apart at the seams!

4th Place nadina01 Post 61
Have you ever heard the saying, "It's hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk?" Well, I guess I'm the egg!

5th Place TALLICL Post 81
Pants down Cash Crate is the best survey site EVER

6th Place 7194687 Post 83
The Cashcrate forum is back, I need all of my attachments.

7th Place briguy Post 68
Without my surveys, I am fading away!

8th Place illadvised1 Post 79
"SALE clothes 80% off while supplies last"

9th Place 7740742 Post 85
"This Atkin's Diet has got to go.:("

and tied for 10th Place

smur1903 Post 9
"AAAHHHH I melted in the sun!"

kevdog4429 Post 12
I might be late for tonight's CashCrate Live Contest …

YoungCrater Post 40
Not sure why they asked him what he had for breakfast. Just lift up his shirt and have a glimpse.

Carmelcandy19781 Post 100
I just got paid by CashCrate, left my old clothes behind, because I'm going to go buy new ones.

For the winners: Prizes will be added shortly, to the total bonus amount on your accounts.