Step by Step Guide: Getting Referrals from Forums

Get referals by placing referal link business cards in the restrooms.

The best way to get cashcrate referals, is by placing your referral link business cards in the restrooms. Put the cashcrate referral link business cards on the the mirrors, by the toilet paper holders, toilet paper covers. This is the best way to get cashcrate referrals.
In Facebook many referrals you can earn, on sites, forums and blogs.
I hate Word Press why I yet to blog. But than I remembered some my first sites made few decades ago they could be called blogs. I posted about this when one blog expert said had to be Word Press and others said they rather code there own blogs too. Yes it very hard as have to re-code every page as add new ones until one day go from html to .php than add header & footer than becomes easier. Big plus is more secure than Word Press. Sure there tens thousands of us blogless as we listen to so called experts. I still get people joining sites from this non-WP blog when noticed I go visit & update it with new content. Sure some people love my few line approach explaining sites over some putting few pages.

Also do not need be fancy design some my most profitable sites I designed myself. It was ugly but they loaded very fast as was few thousand bytes not millions or hundreds of millions like some computer killers see on Yahoo.i still think of dialup when make sites as some us our DSL worse than dialup but seems like I am a dying breed. I miss days when sites offered text only versions. Yahoo loves covering the text with ads so than have do web search find it elsewhere. So smart person knows lots people like me makes text only versions & us old people who spend lots buy from them if put very few hyperlinks to affiliate sites. I be more likely buy that way than site has hundred computer killing flash ads like Yahoo does. I make point never click ads on sites gets my 32 gb RAM i7 computer a roaring due all flash ads. If see something like I write name down go bling and make sure do not reward the computer killers. This probably why yahoo does so poorly they yet figure out we hate there computer killing ads. I also do not buy or click if have auto-loading video or sound. I posts this on sites say how effective it is but alot do like me.