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If you've earned more than $600 with CashCrate in a single calendar year, we need a W9 (or W8BEN form for International members) from you. This is because the Internal Revenue Service requires it. It's easy to submit, so read on.

What is a W9/W8BEN?

The W9 is a short form that companies are required to collect if they pay any individual more than $600 in a year. The main purpose of the form is to provide the IRS with the individuals Social Security Number, or Tax ID, so they know how much income that person has for the year.

Members outside of the USA who earn $600 or more in a calendar year are required to submit a W8BEN form.

How do I submit it?

You can submit it in three easy steps:

1.) Download the W9 form:

If you live OUTSIDE the US: International members download the W8BEN:

2.) Print, fill out, and sign the first page.

3.) Send us the signed/dated form (or scan and email) via any of the following methods. Be sure to include your CashCrate member ID # so we know which account is yours.


•Fax: 208-247-1188

•Snail mail: CashCrate LLC, 3270 E. 17th St #144, Ammon, ID 83406

Is my information secure?

Our postal mail box, payments email and fax are all secure and accessible only by our accounting department. These methods are the same methods used by accountants, tax preparers, and the IRS to exchange tax information.

What if I don't submit it?

Unfortunately the IRS requires the form for individuals earning more than $600 with us, so we'll have to withhold your latest payment until we receive it. This shouldn't be a problem, as it's easy to fill out and send.

If you're on your way to $600, feel free to send your form into us early as well.

That's about it, feel free to contact us with more questions by submitting a support request at the bottom of this page:

or write to:
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