Samantha Here, New To CashCrates and suck at it... Please HELP!!!!

Hi Everyone,
I just found about this app while reading a website list of best ways to make money on apps
This one ranked in at number 4. So i thought it'd be easy, right? Wrong!!!
I've been on here almost 3 hours and have only made $2.33.
Every survey i yet to complete tells me I'm not a match!
Can someone please help me out here, I'm kinda desperate at this point:(:confused::(
I'd be extremely grateful if maybe a couple or even just one person could help me out.
At least let me know what I'm doing wrong.
Thanks In Advanced,
Samantha AKA Bradleysmommie
I know it can be a little confusing when you first get started.
There's some great information located here:
Also, read this post and the links it takes you to:

Surveys are based on demographics, so you won't qualify for all of them each day. However, the good news is that it changes every day and so one day to the next can be very different.
We do have some great tips for earning in the Forum FAQ Section.

Surveys are based on demographics such as your interests, employment, location, etc. New surveys come out regularly, sp of yopu're having a tough time qualifying now, chances are you'll qualify for surveys in the near future.

You can also find some great tips for earning on the CashCrate Blog:

Surveys: Doing a Little Each Day Really Adds Up!

So You Want to Make More?

and feel free to ask questions on the forum too.
Hi - I've found that most big earners do the referral route, but I'm kind of a hermit and don't know enough people to do that! When I started I recall reading "you won't get rich doing this" which is totally true - soooo, I try to make about 2.50 a day which brings me to about 75.00 a month - hey, 75 bucks is 75 bucks - you just gotta keep trying - and remember, we're in the trenches with ya! It's actually a lot of fun - good luck! :giggle: