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Hi Everyone,

We would like to remind our members to advertise their referral links in a responsible fashion. We know the majority of you have no problem following the rules, but it's for those that choose not to follow the rules that this message is meant. Our rule regarding your link promotion is pretty simple and can be summed up in two words: Don't Spam!

What's Considered Spam?

Spam, basically, is posting links where they are unwanted or against the rules. If you visit other sites and create accounts for the sole purpose of posting your CashCrate link, you're probably spamming! Our #1 concern is that you follow the rules of other websites and refrain from posting your link if it isn't allowed., for example, has made it clear that no CashCrate links should be posted on their site, since commercial promotion of any kind is against their rules. Posting links on Facebook would violate our anti-spam policy, and therefore would put your account at risk.

By giving out your referral link only when it's wanted, you not only help to preserve CashCrate's good name, but you also protect yourself. Spam is such a big problem on the Internet these days that large companies (such as MySpace and Facebook) are actively pursuing those that post spam on their networks. The last thing we want is for one of our members to find themselves in legal trouble for violating another site's anti-spam policies.

Please remember that spamming your referral link in any manner (through email, message boards, social networking sites, etc.) is strictly forbidden, and by violating this rule, you're putting your account and earnings at risk.

There are still plenty of good, legal ways to get referrals, just remember to treat others with respect while you're at it!

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