Referral question

So when my referral completes a survey under the tap research button do I get a commission off of what they make. Like the other surveys. Sorry new to the referral
Referral Commissions are not paid on the TapReasearch Page, but they are paid on the TapResearch Daily Survey.

-The referral commission percentage is paid on all Surveys (from the Surveys and Best Surveys Tabs) and Cash Offers that your direct referrals complete, with the exception of the $0.50 New User Profile.

-You also get a $3.00 bonus when a referral from any country earns their first $10.00. When you reach Silver, the $1 referral bonus option becomes available too: $1.00 when a referral in the USA, Canada, or the UK completes their first survey or cash offer.

-Additionally, you earn 5 cents for every Bonus Survey item a referral completes and 5 cents for each Bonus Offer. Referral commissions from Bonus Surveys and Bonus Offers are credited as "bonuses" rather than "referral" earnings and are added to your total Bonus amount.

Here's some more information: Referral Levels Explained