referral problem


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Did they sign up using your computer? Contact support, explain the situation, and give them both your referral IDs.
ok, i did i guess will tell her stop doin quizes till they contact me back and get it worked out. she said if not helping me then she dont want to do
ok thanks, her and someone sign up within minutes just one number differant in last two
so i think was her and send message hey mom whats up, they send one back who are you lol
Have you ever done offers from her house? Offers can only be done one time per IP address.

Also, you don't share the same internet connection, right? You said she was in another house, so I'm guessing no, lol. Just want to make sure we're ruling that out.
no none of those, only logged in there to check referral count one day, but thanks for ideas, but gregg got her on my list, but still not sure what problem was. now i just hope i get credit for surveys and quizes she did. maybe not. thanks