Question for those using multiple GPT sites

Beth M

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I just want to double-check something and get input from more people.

To those of you doing YourSurveys across different GPT sites - are you using the same YourSurveys email address across sites?

I've built up my YourSurveys score over the last year so I have access to the $3-5 surveys. I don't really want to start from scratch and consequently spend months doing surveys for very low amounts. I've only ever done YourSurveys on CashCrate.

But more importantly, I don't want them to deactivate me for having two accounts. My IP will look exactly the same. But I did just read YourSurveys' Terms & Conditions and they say one household is allowed two accounts. Is this definitely right? It all just makes me nervous anyway so I'm just looking for a little input!

I used a different email address to my CashCrate one to sign up to another GPT site because I read that completing offers on different sites can get you banned. However, I realize that was a bum move in regards to my score. YourSurveys is going to see two diff email accounts from the same home.

This whole thing is a PITA.

Thanks in advance. :)
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Dime Crater
YourSurveys is extremely strict, getting banned can take weeks to clear up with them. If you still doing YS at multiple site, then considered yourself lucky to not get flagged. I would advise to only doing YS at one program only.

Beth M

Dollar Crater
Thanks. I've never done them at multiple sites, only CashCrate, but I was worried that joining somewhere else that hosts YourSurveys with a different email address would flag me.

I was going to do CashCrate until it closes and then move over to the other place and only stay doing YourSurveys at that one place.

I was worried that showing the same IP would be a problem but YourSurveys say more than one account per household is allowed. But then it also says that it shouldn't be the same person in the house taking the surveys, so I don't know.

I guess I could message them and say I used to be on CashCrate and CashCrate closed so I had to go somewhere new if they deactivated me in future. But I actually already tried to send them a message and when I mentioned CashCrate in the message it says the message wasn't sent because of mentioning names; that breaks some message rule.
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I have been using the same email acct. here as i have with inbox$. For the last month I have switched to My Yoursurveys score has always gone with me so to speak and I have not had a problem at all. By the way I think 1000/month is very possible ^^^. Thats my 2 cents anyway.


Beth M

Dollar Crater
Thanks so much, Adam.

If they do end up deactivating me over it, I'll just have to explain, I know I won't have done anything dodgy and am telling the truth. They've always been nice when I've messaged them in the past, but time will tell.

It seems as long as your IP stays the same and they also recognize you from your email address or their terms say two accounts within one home is fine, and you follow their other rules and do the surveys nicely, they don't care which GPT website you're reaching them from. Makes sense.

Am thinking now that I should be alright.
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