Places to Create Free Blogs and Websites

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Creating your own CashCrate Blog or Website can help you get referrals. Many of the suggestions below came from other members

CashCrate (Silver+ Members can now create a blog on CashCrate)
How to Crate a Blog on CashCrate

Webs (make a free website)



WebGarden (blogs and websites)


Wix (free Flash Websites)


Members have also suggested investing in your own site/domain. They're really not that expensive and you are in control of the site, not someone else. It can sometimes be easier to get your own site to rank in search engines too.

Be sure to follow the rules when you create blogs and websites.

Please post only places to create free blogs and websites in this thread. Other posts will be removed.
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This thread was designed to post only places to create free blogs and websites. But we're removing constant spam from here on a daily basis.

For that reason, we are going to close this thread. If you know of a place to create a free blog or website, please PM CashCrate Dana or CashCrate Wendy and we'll get that site added to the list.

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