Personal Changes In Profile

When I joined CashCrate, I'd just moved to a new area, and in the 3 months we've lived here, several things have changed. My question is can I just answer the surveys with the new info, or do I need to report them to you first? The last thing I want to do is be disqualified for "lying" when it's really just that things change, life moves on, etc. - - - seems odd that I'd need to "check in" with life's changes, a bit like being on parole, really - anyway, just wondering what I should do - - -

(You're getting sick of me, aren't you, Dana?! ;) )
Naww, you're fine. :)

Surveys understand that things can change in people's lives. They move, get married, have kids, get a different car, etc. The problems really only come in when people are inconsistent and untruthful. For example, someone says they have a child today, then tomorrow they answer on a survey they have no child, then the next day they answer they have a child again and the child's age has changed.

That's a pretty extreme example, but as long as you give thoughtful and truthful answers you'll be alright.

Thanks for asking. :)
Thanks, Dana - I've gotta say, of all the sites I'm on, you are right there for answers and it is greatly appreciated!!!!! Thank you - you really do make this site great! :)