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This has happened at least three times to me in the last week - I've spent at least 45 minutes on a survey - been told I finished it - was thanked - and then was rerouted back to the dashboard who said "SORRY" - absolutely unfair and unacceptable, especially when the survey folks said I'd finished it! What's going on with this ?? :mad:
I don't remember the names or numbers, but one was about refrigerated and frozen chicken and another was about refrigerated and frozen sausage, and I cannot recall the third one - it may have been about movie trailers - are you telling me I need to keep track of every single survey/almost survey/intro to a survey I take? I have to believe you, CashCrate, keeps track of those things - don't you??? That's a shame if you don't -
With so many surveys, it really helps us look into things further if the member can provide a survey name or number. I did review your account, and see a total of 22 survey clicks for June 1. Most of them appear to be daily surveys and pulley surveys.

On our end, we're able to see if we've received a complete/approval for a member survey or if the survey has not been approved, since the approvals come from the survey providers themselves.

Do you happen to recall the time you started the survey or what the payout was? That may help me narrow it down.

Yes, it doesn't surprise me to see that there are "22 survey clicks for June 1", lol - I'm usually denied/rejected from surveys, yet I keep trying -

I can only "guesstimate" when today's "sausage" survey occured - between 7 and 8 pm, pacific time - as for the other 2 surveys I got yanked on, I have no clue - I will, though, from this moment on, try to keep track of every move I make here since no on else is -
The latest click I see on your account for June 1st is June 01, 2017 08:52 PM EST, (5:52 Pacific) so guessing it may be that survey. I'll look into it and send you a PM (private message) on the forum.
ho come i dont earn anything after completing surveys?:confused:
The surveys are run by independent companies and your money will be credited to your account when we receive confirmation from them that you have properly completed the survey. This will typically happen within a few hours, but may require several days. We regularly inspect the crediting processes to ensure that any crediting errors or delays on our end are addressed as quickly as possible. Please note that you must qualify for and fully complete the survey to receive credit. Daily Surveys may also not credit if you are not allowing 24 hours between surveys (unless they state you may take more than one in a 24 hour period) or if they are flagged as being completed hastily or include inconsistent responses; please make sure you're not going through the surveys too quickly but are providing thorough and thoughtful responses.
Hi, Dana - I noticed there is a new pulley survey "single survey" -I tried to take it, but was rejected right off the bat, and now I'm being rejected on ALL of the pulley surveys - I'm hoping that's just a coincidence?
I couldn't repeat the issue. I tested this and was able to qualify for and complete the Pulley "single survey." I was then able to start and get well into a 75 cent "15 per day" Pulley survey.

Are you still having this issue? It could be they don't have any matching surveys for you at the moment.
The single survey is still sending me immediately back to the dashboard, and both the 75 and 25 centers ask me one or two questions, then right back to the dashboard - I've cleared my cache, etc., so I guess I'll just keep trying - thanks, Dana - :)
I am not getting credited for Tap Research today,I tried twice thinking maybe I need to try again, and completed both times,still nothing.Can you check on this for me.It is for .60.


I checked your account and see an approval for one TapResearch Survey so far today:

TapResearch (Daily Survey) (2911) $0.60 May 18, 2018 02:16 PM

We're processing all approvals as they are coming in and will hopefully have another one for you soon.
Is there anyway that the surveys on here can be monitored? I just done a Live Sample that I spent over 35 minutes on, and I get to the end only to be told that I didn't qualify after giving the survey a rank of 3 for being too long. This is ridiculous! :mad: