Pending Offers/Surveys

Hi I completed a Yoursurveys survey worth 60 cents yesterday and it has not been credited. It is not showing up anywhere too. Also another $0.75 survey is still pending from a few days. Please help.
We are processing all survey approvals as they are coming in. Here's some additional info:

The surveys are run by independent companies and your money will be credited to your account when we receive confirmation from them that you have properly completed the survey. This will typically happen within a few hours, but may require several days. We regularly inspect the crediting processes to ensure that any crediting errors or delays on our end are addressed as quickly as possible. Please note that you must qualify for and fully complete the survey to receive credit. Daily Surveys may also not credit if you are not allowing 24 hours between surveys (unless they state you may take more than one in a 24 hour period) or if they are flagged as being completed hastily or include inconsistent responses; please make sure you're not going through the surveys too quickly but are providing thorough and thoughtful responses.
QUOTE="Irina66, post: 390640, member: 2676976"]Just completed Global Test Market daily survey and got this on my screen " Oops! We are sorry! Something is not right here and we apologize for that! Please contact customer service."[/QUOTE]

This problem has been resolved. I have recieved the crefit for this survey.