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Approval times for offers can vary. I'm including some additional info below:

When a user completes an offer through our site, advertisers report the completion to us and we credit your account. In most cases offers confirm within a couple of hours, but sometimes they can take days or weeks. Sometimes an advertiser may report completions slowly, other times there may be unexpected delays. For example: communication issues may occasionally delay the notifications. We regularly review our crediting processes to make sure that we identify and address these issues in a timely manner.

Please make sure you meet all of the requirements for the offers, and that you are fully completing each offer with correct, truthful and clear information. Each offer should take at least a few to several minutes each to complete and the requirements will be stated in the offer's description on our site. Also, an offer may not approve if you have already completed it previously on another site.

For more information about pending offers and possible crediting issues, please visit this page:
Pulley Surveys 75 cents

I have not got credit for a couple of Pulley surveys. They do not take you to the credit page after completing the surveys. These will never credit. Why is there always a problem with one of these surveys providers?
There is an issue where some Pulley Surveys are not crediting for a few members. We are addressing this with the survey provider, but it may take some time. Once this is sorted out you'll get credit for any surveys that should have been approved, but were not.

Pulley Survey

Are Pulley Surveys still acting up because I just did one and no credit. I was redirected through Sample Cube and then from their redirected through GlobalTestMarket. GlobalTestMarket said I completed the survey (they asked me to rate the survey) and when it redirected me to Sample Cube, they also gave me a Thank you, signaling a completed survey. It was when it was supposed to send me back to the Cashcrate site that it said didn't complete.
I checked your account and these are the most recent Pulley Survey approvals I see:

Pulley Surveys - $.25 (29) $0.25 5/5/2017 18:54
Pulley Surveys - $.25 (28) $0.25 5/5/2017 17:36
Pulley Surveys - $.25 (27) $0.25 5/5/2017 17:34
Pulley Surveys - $.25 (26) $0.25 5/5/2017 17:16
Pulley Surveys - $.25 (25) $0.25 5/5/2017 15:52
Pulley Surveys (43) $0.75 5/5/2017 15:02
Pulley Surveys (42) $0.75 5/5/2017 12:48
Pulley Surveys (41) $0.75 5/5/2017 12:28
Pulley Surveys (40) $0.75 5/5/2017 12:14
Pulley Surveys (39) $0.75 5/5/2017 11:54

For the Pulley Survey today, I'm just seeing that it was not completed. I am sorry about that and I'm including some additional info below:

While this may occur, it is not very common and there are some things that can cause this. 1) If the survey is routed through a secondary affiliate site you may pass the first company's initial screening but not the screening by their affiliate 2) Survey takers may input conflicting or inconsistent answers, 3) May provide an inaccurate response to a control-question that is seeking a particular response (e.g. "Answer C for this question"), 4) May provide answers following a set pattern (a,b,c,c,a,a,b,c,c...), 5) there may occasionally be errors or false-positives generated by the survey, 6) on occasion the quota for the survey is filled before the survey is completed. We are always working to ensure the quality of the offers and surveys on the site and do our best to provide a high volume of surveys and offers that are reliable. The biggest thing you can do is make sure you're not going through the surveys too fast, but are providing thoughtful, consistent responses to the questions.
I understand all of that. However, it's not fair that I got approved by BOTH affliate sites but as soon as I get back to CashCrate I get nothing. I even got the "rate the survey" page from Global. This site has more and more bugs everyday. It is extremely frustrating. :mad:
I am sorry for any upset. It's not really a bug per say, but what seems like a multi level qualification check in this particular case. I will continue looking into this for you and send you a PM on the forum. All qualifications are handled on the survey provider's end.

If you happen to have the URL you ended up on for this survey or happened to grab a screen cap, sending that to me would help as well. Thanks.


Quarter Crater
same with me i just did a pully survey what led me to samplecube survey and i completed it and it didnt redirect me to the cashcrate completion page it did the same thing some days ago too
I've been having trouble for the past couple of hours with the pulley surveys. They all lead me to the same page that says "It seems you have already entered this survey" which I haven't. The URL is:

Can you help me? Thanks!
Just to clarify, are you qualifying for a survey, then answering questions within the survey, and then after a few minutes into the survey, it is directing you to