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Ok, so this is so frustrating. i take my time and answer questions accurately on surveys and then i get down to the very last classification question and finish up only for it to tell me i didn't qualify after i've spent 20 minutes (or more depending) completing survey.

This happens quite a bit and it happened on the "your surveys" surveys just now. i guess it didn't like that it asked me a random "classification" question at the end about sports and i said i don't play any. :( The survey was on home mortgage and refinancing. Sometimes i feel like they get all the info they want and then boot you out after you've finished the whole thing bc they don't want to pay you for your time.
I am sorry this happened to you. If a survey is disqualified at any point, any responses which had been provided are discarded.

Here's some additional information about things that can cause this to happen:

While this may occur, it is not very common and there are some things that can cause this. 1) If the survey is routed through a secondary affiliate site you may pass the first company's initial screening but not the screening by their affiliate 2) Survey takers may input conflicting or inconsistent answers, 3) May provide an inaccurate response to a control-question that is seeking a particular response (e.g. "Answer C for this question"), 4) May provide answers following a set pattern (a,b,c,c,a,a,b,c,c...), 5) there may occasionally be errors or false-positives generated by the survey, 6) on occasion the quota for the survey is filled before the survey is completed. We are always working to ensure the quality of the offers and surveys on the site and do our best to provide a high volume of surveys and offers that are reliable. The biggest thing you can do is make sure you're not going through the surveys too fast, but are providing thoughtful, consistent responses to the questions.


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I just spent about an hour doing a $0.90 Pulley survey about 'Elevive polyphenol sparkling water'. I put a lot of effort into reading everything meticulously and giving thoughtful answers. I got to the end and it thanked me then suddenly another page flashed up saying I didn't qualify.
Doesn't feel good.:oops::confused:
The people who run the Pulley surveys always review survey statuses with the individual survey operators the following month. So if they determine that the records for this survey are incorrect they would credit us for the survey in June. e.g. if a technical issue caused an incorrect status to be reported to Pulley at the end of the survey. So, if we do receive credit for the survey next month we'll be able to credit your account at that point.
I just completed 2 Livesample surveys. One was a harris survey and one was a researchshopper survey. Both said I did not quailfy after I 100% completed them. I have taken these type of surveys in the past and have always credited. I think there is an issue with LiveSample today.
LiveSample approvals were running a bit delayed today. All approvals are being tracked though and we'll post approvals as soon as they come in.
These are not delays. I completed the surveys 100%, then it said I did not qualfy. There is a problem with why they said I did not qualify. These surveys in the past always say I qualify and credit.
Sorry I misread that. We've been in contact with the survey provider and the only known issue today is a delay in credits. We haven't seen any other LiveSample disqualification concerns from other members yet today, but I'll continue to look into this for you and will send you a PM (private message) on the forum when I have any updates.
I'm at the end of the 'Work Place Survey' under the yellow survey tab. To complete the final portion of the survey, they require that I go to another site to fill in additional info. That's fine. But the login credentials they gave aren't working. The 2nd site asks for a personal password but the survey didn't give that, they only gave a registration code and email address. So, I cannot complete the survey, now. How am I supposed to get my $1? :cautious:
Hi I completed a Yoursurveys survey worth 60 cents yesterday and it has not been credited. It is not showing up anywhere too. Also another $0.75 survey is still pending from a few days. Please help.
We are processing all survey approvals as they are coming in. Here's some additional info:

The surveys are run by independent companies and your money will be credited to your account when we receive confirmation from them that you have properly completed the survey. This will typically happen within a few hours, but may require several days. We regularly inspect the crediting processes to ensure that any crediting errors or delays on our end are addressed as quickly as possible. Please note that you must qualify for and fully complete the survey to receive credit. Daily Surveys may also not credit if you are not allowing 24 hours between surveys (unless they state you may take more than one in a 24 hour period) or if they are flagged as being completed hastily or include inconsistent responses; please make sure you're not going through the surveys too quickly but are providing thorough and thoughtful responses.


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Just completed Global Test Market daily survey and got this on my screen " Oops! We are sorry! Something is not right here and we apologize for that! Please contact customer service."


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QUOTE="Irina66, post: 390640, member: 2676976"]Just completed Global Test Market daily survey and got this on my screen " Oops! We are sorry! Something is not right here and we apologize for that! Please contact customer service."[/QUOTE]

This problem has been resolved. I have recieved the crefit for this survey.