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I did a survey through YourSurvey's for $0.90 and completed it. It was a survey on sports drinks. I usually never qualify for these, but I did for this one and I completed it. It was a lot of fun too until I was redirected to an error page instead of back the YourSurvey's site. I hate when this happens. This really bums me out. :(

Some surveys will have quotas or are set to close on a certain date. As surveys close, they are removed pretty quickly but this does not happen instantly.

Also, a survey may be closed to one demographic (age group, etc.), but is still open to another.


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Will the contest earnings be added right away or at the end of the month? I think in the first survey contest I finished in the top 10.
Prizes should be awarded a bit later today. You came in 10th place.

Update: Contest prizes for the Feb 1-7 contest have been awarded.
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One last question. I see that the second survey contest has started and I have completed 10 surveys today but I'm not on the leaderboard yet. But others have completed fewer surveys then me and are on leaderboard. Does it take a while for the contest page to be updated? Any feedback would be good. Josh
The current contest results are updating more slowly than usual, but all survey completions are being tracked. Our development team is looking at it and we'll get it updated as soon as we can.

Speak Up Surveys

The Speak Up surveys arent crediting.I did a .50 yestrday and a .60 this morning and hasnt credited so far.Could you check on this

I just joined today and I've only had 2 of the like 10 offers I have completed be confirmed. All the rest still say pending. Some from as early as 10am. Do they normally take this long? Will it tell me if they are denied for any reason?
Welcome to the forum surveyjoolz.

Approval times for offers can vary. I'm including some additional info below:

When a user completes an offer through our site, advertisers report the completion to us and we credit your account. In most cases offers confirm within a couple of hours, but sometimes they can take days or weeks. Sometimes an advertiser may report completions slowly, other times there may be unexpected delays. For example: communication issues may occasionally delay the notifications. We regularly review our crediting processes to make sure that we identify and address these issues in a timely manner.

Please make sure you meet all of the requirements for the offers, and that you are fully completing each offer with correct, truthful and clear information. Each offer should take at least a few to several minutes each to complete and the requirements will be stated in the offer's description on our site. Also, an offer may not approve if you have already completed it previously on another site.

For more information about pending offers and possible crediting issues, please visit this page:


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I'm getting the demographic questions too. I'd be happy to answer them but some of them aren't accurate. The first question asks, how old are you, and only goes up to 17, and I'm 26 years old.
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how do I know if I have met all the requirements? I'm clicking yes on multiple prompts and I'm still not sure I'm completing them correctly.

Will the pending credits I have reflect if I haven't done it properly?