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TapResearch Survey Not Credited Yesterday 1/24/17

I completed a TapResearch survey yesterday and it did not credit. I tried to give it until today to see if it was just a delayed posting, but it still has not credited.
Tap research

I have done a Tap Research survey this morning and they dont credit......Is there an issue with this ?

Also--there is a TAP SURVEYS tab at the far right of my page and when you click it,it says CONGRATS in red like you have finished a survey like a test run.



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I did a survey through YourSurvey's for $0.90 and completed it. It was a survey on sports drinks. I usually never qualify for these, but I did for this one and I completed it. It was a lot of fun too until I was redirected to an error page instead of back the YourSurvey's site. I hate when this happens. This really bums me out. :(

I checked your account and do see one TapResearch approval for you today, but it is from this morning:

TapResearch (Daily Survey) (514) $0.70 February 02, 2017 08:02 AM

Since you did reach a thank you page, the other will hopefully still credit.


Quarter Crater
Well it just happened again. It is only happening when you do a Tap Research survey that gets routed through Sample Cube. Sample Cube gives you the thank you and the :). But it never redirects to the thank you from Tap Research where it says Congrats and you can rate and submit.
Thanks for clarifying. I do see 2 TapResearch surveys approved for you today:

TapResearch (Daily Survey) (516) $0.70 February 03, 2017 10:46 AM

TapResearch (Daily Survey) (515) $0.70 February 03, 2017 10:34 AM

Did you complete 2 more TapResearch surveys in addition to this one?

Continuing to look into this. Thanks.


Quarter Crater
yeah, I completed 4 and was credited for 3. If i ran into another routed through sample cube i just aborted it. Fool me once shame on them, fool me twice shame on me. LOL:banana::):banana:
Some surveys will have quotas or are set to close on a certain date. As surveys close, they are removed pretty quickly but this does not happen instantly.

Also, a survey may be closed to one demographic (age group, etc.), but is still open to another.


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Will the contest earnings be added right away or at the end of the month? I think in the first survey contest I finished in the top 10.
Prizes should be awarded a bit later today. You came in 10th place.

Update: Contest prizes for the Feb 1-7 contest have been awarded.
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Dollar Crater
One last question. I see that the second survey contest has started and I have completed 10 surveys today but I'm not on the leaderboard yet. But others have completed fewer surveys then me and are on leaderboard. Does it take a while for the contest page to be updated? Any feedback would be good. Josh