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I am having issues with the post payment page. The drop down menu doesn't show any payment type options and upon attaching my photo and making a comment, once I click submit, it does not upload the photo but instead just refreshes the page. It has done this to me in Chrome and Firefox browser. I didn't know if it was just my computer or the site.

Make sure the image is in a in a .jpg, .gif, or .png format.

Images in a .bmp format will not post/come through because the images are too large in size.

If you received a PayPal payment, it may take awhile (several days) for the payment posting option to appear in the drop down list.
Screen caps for your Paypal payment are fine. Just be sure to block out confidential information. If you received a PayPal payment, it may take awhile (several days) for the payment posting option to appear in the drop down list


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Post my Payment not working

I am not able to post my payment to the payment wall. I did everything the same I did before to Post my Payment but it seems to not be working. I enter in all the information and click on submit and the list does not list my payment as pending. Could you look into this? Thanks.
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Development is working on some updates that may cause some issues with uploading images over the next few days. Also, make sure it is in a .jpg, .gif, or a .png format. Larger image formats like .bmp will not be accepted.


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Okay that explains it and yes it is a .jpg image. I will try again in a few days and post my payment. Thank you for your help Dana. :)
There are some updates being worked on and it may cause issues with uploading images over the next few days. Make sure the images are in .jpg, .gif, or a .png format.


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direct deposit

since i became silver member i choose direct deposit to my bank account and its really great but i want to ask is there any reward for direct deposit? like if we post a copy from check we got reward with 15 points:)
Yes, you can take a screenshot of your payment and post it to the payment wall when the option becomes available. Make you sure you block out any sensitive info before posting it to the payment wall.
Any news on what is going on with the payment wall. I still cannot select any payments from the "select payment" drop down box, I see 6 payments that are viewable but I should have 7 with my newest.
I see other members who have posted their payments on october 10th and I was wondering if it is fixed or just me, because I still can't even select my newest payment from the drop down list and on my payments tab it still says my latest payment is still processing even though I already been paid.
Dwolla payments can take some time to show up in the payments list for the Payment Wall. If it doesn't show up in the next several days, send me a PM and I'll look into it for you.



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I was wondering, how long does it usually take for a Dwolla payment to be processed to post it on the 'payment wall'. I have my screenshot ready, but the date is not available to select yet.
It can take up to a few weeks or so for Dwolla and PayPal payments to become available for posting to the Payment Wall. It has to do with some stuff going on in the background (the way earnings are reported/accounting stuff).