Official Cash Crate Suggestion Thread

We've tried that a few times in the past and unfortunately it brough in some spam and a lot of nonsense/low quality posts, like people posting "that's nice" dozens of times and stuff like that.

The forum does help people make money though. We find our forum users on average earn more because there are so many tips here and other members to help out.
Cashcrate should have a live chat box where people can talk live to one another.......that would be helpful....though someone would post like ever 5 only really works on GPTs with a few thousand members.....but im sure cashcrate can work out a good system
Are you asking about offers on the first offers page? After you complete an offer, you can click the Submit button and that will remove the offer from the active offer list. It is possible you will see the same offer from time to time on the Bonus Surveys or Bonus Offers page.

Offers can be completed one time only.

Each Daily Survey can be completed one time every 24 hours. Other surveys can be completed as they appear.
We are looking at future possibilities to make PayPal more easily available. Some members outside of the USA will set a higher minimum payout and opt to receive a larger check from us to help off set any bank fees.

Currently: To receive payments by Paypal you must reach silver level on our site and cash at least one check ( ). You can reach silver level by earning a total of $500 or by getting a total of 50 active referrals ( ).
Save an offer

I'd like to see an option to mark an offer to set aside for future viewing.

Like on emails that you can make if one is important.

I've gone though offers with the intention of doing one only to forget what it was. It's harder if there is more than one. If the offer expires or is taken down from cashcrate the 'important' offer disappears from the list.
You should have the option to resubmit Payment Wall images. When we have to reject a check image because the account numbers are not blocked out, etc., the check amount and date should appear back in your submission list.
i wanted to make a suggestion for improvement, but i didn't see a thread already for this, just random posts. So....

my first suggestion for the forum is we have a sticky suggestion thread :D feel free to keep this one if you want.

what i really wanted to suggest is for the message center. Can we make an option to only email "Active memebers"? I'm sure that those who have decided they didn't like cash crate don't like continuously getting emails about it. Keep all the other options, just maybe add an active only option.
An option to message just active members is something I also suggested recently. It's been entered in our development database as a request for a future enhancement and I hope to see it available before too long.