new,tryed everything to get referrals,help.


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Hey i joined the site a while ago and quit,now im back!
I got 75$ earned and 50$ pending for april,which is not bad however i cant get referrals!!

I did everything i could think of to get referrals...
1) made 2 websites about cc
2) made a video and posted on 5 sites (youtube,metacafe ect)
3) Emailed people
4)Posted on forums and used banners

Its been over a week and i didnt even gain 1 referral... am i doing somthin wrong??

Please help....


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Its Been a week and... I Got 1 referral!
I hope he is going to be active.. so far i got 50 cents from him.. and $1
from the bonus,thats a start :D
I haven't really tried referrals yet. I work full time and go to school full time, graduating in Aug with a bachelors in IT. So, I haven't really had to much time to worry about it. I did tell one of my co workers about the cash crate site and she did some offers, but unfortantyl, I told her the day after I joined and did not know about the referral program at the time.

I also told one of my neighbors and gave him the referral link, but nothing as of yet.

If you go to church, hand out flyers. If you work, hand out flyers (not on company time though). If you go to school, hand out flyers.

A week is not a very long time.


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Yes blackpup is takes time to get referrals, the more you promote your referral link the better chance of getting a referral..
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Was Eheavy now Elite lol

wow that is alot of referrals. Do you want to share your secret?
lol most of my secrets can be found in my previous postings but to share a few
(1) I belong to a few forums, (tips here)which I post regularly and have my referral link in my signature
(2) I have a few websites and blogs with Cashcrate banner and referral link on it..I do all the SEO tricks like search engine submission, exchanging links etc!
(3) I post flyers at laundromats, colleges, universities etc
(4) I show my checks to family and friends and share how easy it is to make extra money from this site! Of course they don't live with me!
(5) I regularly buy "Paid to Sign-ups" at "Get Paid to" sites
(6) I been promoting my referral link regularly for a while now and like any other business, I realized that it take time and effort to be a success!
(7) I buy expired domains and use them for a traffic redirect example ( )
(8) Probably best tip of all...I truly believe in Cashcrate, which makes it easier for me to promote!
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