My Earnings?


Penny Crater
Hello! I was reading here, and I see you will be closing your website and going to Swagbucks. Will all my earnings
that I have earned now $16.39, will it be transferred over to my Swagbucks account?
Balances won't be transferred over to Swagbucks. You can continue using Cashcrate until the end of March to receive another payment from us even if you setup an account on Swagbucks and start using their site as well in the meantime.

- Greg
Hey Greg
I wanted to ask to make sure-----do I get a payment on March 1st for what Ive earned this month(FEB) and then my final payment on April 1st or is it one last final payment at end of March for both months?



Nickel Crater
Bamaman: We'll be issuing payment on March 1st and April 1st. So you could receive two separate payments.

- Greg
hey Greg will we still get weekly payments ? i have completed $100 for the week and it was supposed to be released today. Also i have posted a few checks on the payment wall which still hasnt been approved.