Logged out

Why am I all of a sudden always being logged out automatically? this never happened before. now for the past 5 -6 days inna row,,,logged out,,,automatically every single damn time,,,whyyy???? its so annoying logging back in,,,
Is your browser set to accept cookies?

If you try another browser, do you have the same issue?

You can also try logging out of CashCrate, deleting all cookies and temporary Internet files, and then logging back in. Sometimes doing that can help solve issues like this.
Our development team has been doing some work recently, so that may cause some log outs. Also, if the login cookie is cleared/removed, that could cause a log out as well.


Dime Crater
Never cleared cookies. With the CAPTCHA issue popping up now and then, solving that CAPTCHA can be a PITA. I have no issues with other places, and the forums here always keep me logged in. Just a main site bug I suppose.
I checked into this further. Our developers did go over this last week and they're not seeing any issues with our system which would result in forced logouts. They recommended: If you haven't tried to use a different browser please try using a different browser to access our site for a few days in order to help determine if this issue is something related to the specific browser you normally use.