Live Sample 'Submit' button issue


Nickel Crater
The 'Submit' button on this page will not work, and I can't proceed past this and into a survey. I've tried three different browsers (Firefox,Chrome,Opera), different answer options, and even a different email, and it's all the same.

Is anyone else having this issue?

I tested LiveSample and was able to get into a few different surveys without running into that paticuliar question. Exiting out of LiveSample and clicking it again may bring up a survey with a different set of prequalification questions. It may be an issue with just that one question.


Nickel Crater
I've tried clearing and restarting several times, and it makes no difference. For whatever reason that page has to be answered for me to proceed. Should I contact them directly?
I'm seeing a good number of LiveSample completions today, so this issue seems to be very limited, perhaps to just this one question/this paticuliar survey. I'm also guessing the issue is a temporary one and will probably be resolved before you would hear back from them. I'd recommend trying LiveSample again a bit later or tomorrow and in the meantime, try some other surveys. I am sorry you are running into this.
It took multiple attempts throughout the day, but I was finally able to repeat this and get this problem question. I was also able to get around this issue and into another survey by either:

-Refreshing my browser


-When that didn't work, I exited out of the survey and clicked LiveSample again. This directed me to another survey.


Dime Crater
I'm having issues with this as well. It was doing it to me the other day, and I'm still getting this problem today as well. I tried refreshing, using another browser, and re-entering LiveSample and it still persists. I hope they fix this issue because a lot of the money I make on here is through LiveSample surveys. :/
what is going on here ........ where did yoursurveys go and why is livesample not working?! ugh
Are you asking about the YourSurveys Daily Survey? Surveys are set to disappear from the list when they have no surveys available for you. This should change as new surveys continue to come out.
Everyone: I'm continuing to check on the LiveSample issue for this paticular prequalification question. Unfortunately we probably won't get an answer back until Monday at the earliest. I am sorry this is affecting more of you. For those of you who are not able to get around the issue like I was, I'd recommend completing other surveys in the meantime. Thanks.